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The Hurricane’s Tail

By Robert Banks Stewart

262 pages, print; kindle

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In an engaging, fast-paced and deftly plotted thriller, ranging from London and Paris to the Caribbean, a unique newcomer to British crime fiction, Harper Buchanan, encounters danger as well as many surprises, especially as he is a West Indian who has never set foot in the West Indies!

Son of ambitious immigrant parents, educated at a grammar school and Sussex University, as well as being an occasional County cricketer (and his footballer brother plays for Tottenham Hotspur and England), Detective Sergeant Harper Buchanan is one of a small number of modern ethnic cops gradually gaining more rapid promotion to the higher ranks of Londonís police force, the Met, despite endless accusations of in-house racism. However, to his great annoyance, he is suddenly pulled off normal duties to act as bodyguard to Sir Walter Julien, Prime Minister of a leading Caribbean island, who is under a death threat.

Sir Walter is due in London to undergo a complicated heart operation. What irks Harper, is to be assigned to a 24-hour role he considers boringly routine, undoubtedly because Scotland Yard and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office judge him to be a cop of the right colour.But it turns out to be more than just the “nanny” protection job that Harper thought it would be, as he is drawn into a wider, more sinister world, code-named “Operation Hurricane”.

In the process of which, he meets up with an attractive French detective, cigar-smoking Charlotte Plennard, who provides him with even more surprises...