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Cover of “Ronnie Wolfe: My Life In Memoirs” by Ronnie Wolfe

Ronnie Wolfe: My Life In Memoirs

By Ronnie Wolfe

176 pages, 185mm x 249mm, softback.

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There are many types of humour - sarcasm, farce, irony, risque, alternative... Over the years British television has seen examples of them all, but many of the writers and artistes responsible have found their own brand of comedy has ebbed and flowed in the ratings, and some people/series have floated down river never to be heard of again.

Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney have written many comedy series since they met and formed a great partnership. Their comedy has often been described as down to earth, practical and solid. Their biggest hits – The Rag Trade and On The Buses are released on DVD and still show on satellite channels around the world. Thirty years later, the catchphrases of Fenner, Blakey or Stan Butler remain iconic expressions of a form of comedy that is often overlooked by Oxford academics, but remains viewed by millions on a daily basis.

In his memoirs, Ronnie Wolfe creator – with Ronald Chesney – of The Rag Trade, Meet The Wife, On The Buses, Take A Letter Mr Jones, and writer for Beryl Reid, Educating Archie and many others takes us on a journey through his long and successful career as a writer.

Also includes Back On The Buses - a reproduction of the complete pilot script for a 1990s re-launch of the long-running series.