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  1. Sunday, 22nd November 2015

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  2. Monday, 15th April 2013

    Bergerac Creator Releases First Novel

    The ATV Today website covers Robert Banks Stewart’s new novel The Hurricane’s Tail.

  3. Friday, 11th June 2010

    New! British Independent Television Drama Guide 1955-2010 May 2010 Download edition

    The cover of the “Independent Television Drama Guide 1955-2010 May 2010 download edition”Our latest book is also our first downloadable book. Instead of the seven paper volumes you’d have had to find space for if we’d printed it, it now comes in handy download form, straight to your computer. Over 3,300 pages of information for just £29.99.

    You can find more information about the book on this page. There also a list of all the programmes covered in the book and a few sample pages to give you an idea what it looks like.

    “I'm really pleased you've moved to electronic versions and at a very reasonable price. I just hope people understand that they are paying a minuscule amount for a very large body of research...” – Tim Disney

    “... an incredible reference tool...” – Alun Jones, ITV Wales

    “...anyone who hasn't got a print copy should buy this immediately & if you're passionate enough about tv to have the print version then this is a bargain price for an update.” – David Buck

  4. Wednesday, 3rd February 2010


    John Wyver writes on the Illuminations Blog about James Cellan Jones and his autobiography Forsyte & Hindsight.

  5. Wednesday, 6th January 2010


    ~British Film Institute teams up with Kaleidoscope as London’s annual television treasures event goes pop!~

    A LEGENDARY 'lost' performance by rock band Pink Floyd is just one of the many recently-unearthed television treasures being shown at a major London event this Saturday (January 9).

    Other highlights in a packed schedule at BFI Southbank include footage of The Who, Black Sabbath and Procol Harum during their prime; a vintage episode of acclaimed Sixties' sitcom Till Death Us Do Part, and the late Ronnie Barker shining in a long-missing comedy gem.

    Organised and run by the British Film Institute, Missing Believed Wiped is an annual survey of recently rediscovered television material. It showcases the important work of missing episode enthusiasts and organisations in tracking down our lost TV heritage: programmes tragically considered ephemeral and disposable at the time of broadcast but now recognised as of great cultural value.

    And this year, for the first time, the BFI will be running the popular event in conjunction with classic TV organisation Kaleidoscope, responsible for bringing to light some of the biggest discoveries of 2009.

    Programme One: “A Mixed Bag” – features episodes from two very different yet equally entertaining BBC sitcoms recovered with the help of Kaleidoscope. One of comedy's finest (and foulest) creations – Alf Garnett (played by Warren Mitchell) – rails against devious politicians and the world in general in an episode of Till Death Us Do Part entitled 'State Visit', from 1967. The second screening is of a show referred to as “Fawlty Towers mark one” by its writer and main star, the late great Ronnie Barker. In His Lordship Entertains, from 1973, Barker plays Lord Rustless, the owner of a stately home-turned-hotel. Truly an orphaned episode, “The Food Inspector” is the sole surviving instalment of the seven-part show.

    Completing the first half of Programme One is an update by Kaleidoscope on the Bob Monkhouse archive, entrusted to the group by the family of the late comedian and comprising a vast collection of film reels, videos and audio tapes amassed by the performer during his lifetime, and a presentation on lost satellite TV archive material from the 1990s.

    Programme Two: “Music, Music, Music” brings together all of the year's music finds, including a rediscovered Time for Blackburn featuring a live 1970s performance from the Who, which will be introduced by DJ Tony Blackburn; a compilation of musical finds from the 1970s series Look! Hear! featuring rare performances from Black Sabbath and The Selecter, and introduced by the show's presenter John Holmes; segments from Top of the Pops from the collection of DJ David Hamilton who will introduce the clips; and very rare 1960s material from Top of the Pops featuring these performances:

    From TOTP 6th July 1967, presenter Alan Freeman

    • Pink Floyd – See Emily Play [Performance]
    • Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale [Repeat Performance]

    From TOTP 27th July 1967, presenter: Alan Freeman

    • Dave Davies – Death of a Clown [Performance]
    • The Alan Price Set – The House That Jack Built [Performance]
    • The Turtles – She'd Rather be With Me [Repeat Performance]

    Kaleidoscope's Chris Perry said: “The cultural significance of this Top of the Pops material cannot be underestimated. Unearthed in an unnamed rock star's collection, the material had been severely damaged and was in an extremely poor condition, but was retrieved as far as possible by BFI technicians. About 20 minutes of the material had been considered completely lost, and is sure to generate huge interest among music fans and music historians all over the world. Despite the fact that the quality of the footage is still poor, the recordings remain a highly important and fascinating document of some of pop's greatest names.”

    Steve Bryant, the BFI's Senior Curator – Television, said: “For more than 15 years, the BFI's annual Missing Believed Wiped campaign has given the public access to vital material long thought lost from the British television archives. This year, we are once again very grateful to our partner organisation Kaleidoscope, who have collaborated with us on retrieving material and making it available for this screening.”

    Missing Believed Wiped runs in NFT1 at the BFI Southbank, London, on Saturday, January 9th. Programme One starts at 4.15pm and Programme Two at 6.30pm.

    Booking information:
    The BFI Southbank is open to all. BFI members are entitled to a discount on all tickets.  BFI Southbank Box Office tel: 020 7928 3232. For this event, joint tickets for Programmes One and Two ar00e available for £12.90, concs £9.65 (members pay £1.40 less). Unless otherwise stated, tickets are £9.00, concs £7.60.
    Website: www.bfi.org.uk/southbank

  6. Monday, 30th November 2009

    John Johnson 1923 – 2009

    John JohnsonIn 2004, Simon Coward and I decided to spend our summer vacation going through 120+ boxes of Rediffusion-related paperwork at the IBA Library in Foley Street. It was a thankless task. We were amazed that Kaleidoscope could access this information; and astonished that so much survived to look at. We often found references to paperwork that was signed or removed by John Johnson. A cheerful man, who was hard of hearing, was often in the library peering over our shoulder making amusing comments. I realised that he might have worked for Rediffusion Television.

    One day in I came across an empty file on an untransmitted No Hiding Place episode. In desperation, I asked the cheerful man if he knew the guy who had left a single piece of paper in the folder. It said 'Removed May 1969 by John Johnson'. The man laughed and said 'John Johnson. That's me son, and I can't remember why I emptied the file'.

    John had given all the boxes of information to the IBA and he regarded himself as the guardian of Rediffusion's legacy. Indeed he did more to preserve that company than anyone else, ever.

    John Johnson became firm friends with Kaleidoscope. He helped us on many projects and wrote two pieces of memoirs for us that we will publish in the next few weeks. He sent our research in new directions.

    He often spoke of his own personal research collection which we never got to see, because he worried people might misuse his knowledge. But we know that John Johnson was a great man - he ensured that the Redufussion library was partially preserved at the NFTVA; he created many TV programmes and left behind a legacy of information and insight that will not be forgotten.

    Rest In Peace, John.

    Chris, Simon & friends

  7. Sunday, 29th November 2009


    A paperback edition of Bob's Full House is now available from our store on Lulu.com for £19.99 plus postage and packing.

  8. Saturday, 28th November 2009


    I've just set up this link to try and save the jobs of my friends at ITN Source. Richard, Jane and Penny have helped
    Kaleidoscope and researchers so much that they don't deserve to be made redundant three days before Christmas.


    Chris Perry,


    Thanks for your support!

  9. 13th October 2009


    It is with deep regret that Kaleidoscope Publishing have decided they are no longer in a position to publish the Z Cars project edited and designed by David Brunt. Our business priorities have changed in recent years and the project would be better served by another publisher who can offer it the resources it truly needs.

    We wish them success with their extensive project and look forward to buying a copy of the completed book.